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    This page contains information about Registration with KOBFC.

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    Information to assist with Registration

    Juniors – Contact Stuart Smith 0419014323 for any other information


    U6 & U7 $175 – New Players     $160 – Returning Players
    U8 – U12 $220 – New Players     $205 – Returning Players
    Girls U9, U11 $160*
    Senior Players  $375**$$    Over 35  $100
    Senior Women Players $160**


    * Girls playing both mixed and girls football, please contact Junior Coordinator – Stuart Smith 0419 014 323

    ** Please include your shirt size in your registration.

    $$ New Players $375 or registration after April 9th

    $$ Returning Players Registered Before March 1st  $315

    $$ Returning Players Registered Before April 1st $335  Before April 9th $355


    A photograph of each player is required with registration. This appears on the match sheet each week. It can be uploaded during registration or it can be sent to

    Stuart by email or text. Include the players full name with photograph.  or 0419 014 323

    Active Kids

    For school age children between 4-18 the NSW government will provide a voucher of $100 for organised sporting activity.

    To obtain a voucher  You will need the the following information.

    • An account with MyServices NSW 
    • Child name, birthdate, medicare card information.
    • When you have the voucher number  you will input it at registration.

    Active Kids Vouchers can be obtained at  

    Help With Active Kids


    New registered players will receive a pair of shorts and socks. The playing shirt is supplied as part of the team kit and returned at the end of the season.  ( Non-Returned shirts will be charged at $70)

    If additional Socks or shorts are required they can bought from KobShop, the  online shop or the GearMaster

    Shorts $25, Socks $10

    Equipment required (Purchased by Player)

    Boots, shinpads,

    Equipment Supplied

    All playing and coaching equipment is available.

    Age Groups to Play in 2022

    Born Team Age Group
    2016, 2017 U6
    2015 U7
    2014 U8 
    2013 U9 & Girls U9
    2012 U10 
    2011 U11 & Girls U11
    2010 U12 
    2009 Girls U13

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    Working with Children

    Any managers, coaches or parents who will assist with any team with majority of players under 18,  (including Senior Teams) will need a working with children check. To obtain this go to  Working with children check

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