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    This page contains information about Registration with KOBFC.

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    Information to assist with Registration



    U6 & U7                 $175

    U8-U12                  $220

     Girls 8-10, 11-12  $220   

    Senior Players      $380

    Active Kids

    For school age children between 4-18 the NSW government will provide a voucher of $100 for organised sporting activity.

    To obtain a voucher  You will need the the following information.

    • An account with MyServices NSW 
    • Child name, birthdate, medicare card information.
    • When you have the voucher number  you will input it at registration.

    Active Kids Vouchers can be obtained at  

    Help WIth Active Kids


    New registered players will receive a pair of shorts and socks. The playing shirt is supplied as part of the team kit and returned at the end of the season.  ( Non-Returned shirts will be charged at $70)

    If additional Socks or shorts are required they can bought from KobShop, the  online shop or the GearMaster

    Shorts $25, Socks $10

    Equipment required

    Boots, shinpads,

    Equipment Supplied

    All playing and coaching equipment is available.

    Age Groups to Play in 2020

    Born Team Age Group
    2014, 2015 U6
    2013 U7
    2012 U8 & Girls 8-10
    2011 U9 & Girls 8-10
    2010 U10 & Girls 8-10
    2009 U11& Girls 11-12
    2008 U12 & Girls 11-12

    Working with Children

    Any managers, coaches or parents who will assist with any team with majority of players under 18,  (including Senior Teams) will need a working with children check. To obtain this go to  Working with children check

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