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    Training to Start 9th June

    KOBFC Training Starts This Week

    Training will be able to start this week at Homelands. See Timetable below
    There are rules to be followed – see below
     All Coaches will be sent the full set of rules.
     If you have any issues please contact
    Please read all the email


    • Players to arrive at Homelands ready to train ( no getting dressed at ground)
    • Players to arrive and depart within 15 minutes of start and finish times  – see timetable
    •  Players to be dropped off at gate or side of Homelands, no spactators or parents inside Homelands
    • No player to come to training if showing symptons of COVID:
      • (Fever or high temperature,dry cough,tiredness,headaches and pains,sore throat,rash or skin discolouration, difficulty breathing,loss of smell or taste)
      • Has travelled overseas in last 14days
    • Players to bring their own waterbottle
    • Only one player in toilet at a time (Juniors must be accompanied by adult)
    • Coaches will ensure all other rules followed (distancing, training types)

    New Players

    • New Players are Welcome. 
    • Only registered players get this email so if you have friends  get them to register at


    • Coaches will be sent full set of rules.
    •  Coaches are reponsible for trainings ession and following all rules.
    • If we have problems the council or government can take away our permission to train.


    •  Each team must have a nominated manager by the end of the week.
    •  This will be difficult since we cannot get togther at the oval, so think about volunteering.
    •  Managers are essential for a team and club to operate successfully.

    Timetable – Times can be considered for change after this week.
     All Age Premier League    – Wednesday  6.00- 10.00pm
    All Age Raahuage Cup      –  Thursday  7.30 – 9.30 pm
    U11 & U10                          –  Thursday  5.00  –  6.00pm
    U9                                       – Tuesday  4.30  –  5.30pm
    U8                                       – Wednesday 4.30  –  5.30pm 
    U7 & U6                              –  Friday     4.30 – 5.30pm

    Looking forward to seeing you all back out on Homelands

    James Smith

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